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Contribute An Article Or Drinking Game To Beer Is OK

We love contributions and actively encourage you to contribute an article or drinking game to the Beer Is OK website. Please read the guidelines below.

You must be based in Australia for us to consider a submission.


Benefits of Writing for Beer Is OK:

  • Exposure: Beer Is OK provides another platform for you to share your idea, reviews and thoughts.
  • Promotion: All approved submissions will be published to the Beer Is OK website and shared via our social channels.
  • Links to your website & social: We will include links to your social profiles and website at the bottom of the article.
  • We can write for you: Interested in receiving a blog on your website? Let us know and we can write an article for you.

Please read through the following guidelines before you write an article. Submissions that do not meet the below criteria will not be considered for publishing.


Our Audience:

Our audience are people who love beer in all forms, whether heading down to the pub for a Friday pint, or waiting hours for the latest craft beer release from their favourite brewery. Primarily based in Perth, Western Australia, we look to appeal to an Australia-wide audience of beer enthusiasts.

We are looking for articles that are well written, accurate, and has some personality to provide an individual’s views on a particular beer topic.

Suggested topics include:

  • New and unique drinking games
  • Must visit breweries in the south west
  • Brewing tips and tricks
  • Beer location reviews
  • Favourite brewery tour providers
  • Beer pairings with your favourite food
  • Unique beer products and gifts

These suggestions are just the starting point – we encourage you to submit your own ideas and write about topics that you think are relevant to beer enthusiasts. If you’re unsure about your topic relevancy, get in touch.


Editorial Guidelines:

  • Word Count: Submitted articles should be at least 600 words long.
  • Link Policy: Links may be added as long as they are relevant, and the context is organic. We will remove any overly promotional links before publishing.
  • Original and Quality content: Articles must be high quality and original work and must not appear on other sites. We will not accept previously published pieces. Submitted articles go under review via https://www.copyscape.com/.
  • Ownership: Once published, Beer Is OK has copyright ownership to your content. It must not be subsequently published elsewhere.
  • Images: Beer Is OK will accept and publish images or graphs that are relevant to your article and support the content. All images must be owned and licenced by the person or body submitting the article.
  • Formatting: Documents in Word or sent as GoogleDocs are preferred. How-To lists and ‘top-5 favourite’ / ‘top 10 things beer’ type articles are welcome, as well as articles broken up by headings in the form of questions.
  • Editing: All articles will be edited for grammar, punctuation, style and content by our team where appropriate. If articles are not up to a reasonable standard, they will not be edited or published.
  • Self-Promotion: Content that is a sales pitch or obvious self-promotion will not be published. Please keep the content natural and only include links where appropriate.
  • Contributor Compensation: We do not pay for contributed articles.
  • Inappropriate content: Submissions that disclose someone’s personal information, political agenda or contain offensive or discriminatory material will not be accepted. Hate speech will not be accepted. The publishing of content is entirely at the discretion of Beer Is OK.


How To Submit

Send your completed article and/or pitches to [email protected].

To speed up the process, please include a small biography for your author page containing below information:

  • First and Last Name
  • Website/Blog
  • Email Address
  • Social Media Profiles

We will review your content and endeavour to get back to you within 5 days. If your article is selected for publication a date will be set, and you’ll receive a follow-up email with all relevant information.