Beehive drinking game, inspired by Honeycomb Havoc from Mario Party.

Inspired by the Mario Party classic “Honeycomb Havoc”, the Beehive drinking game has players taking a risk with the number of cards they flip. Learn to play.

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Reverse Pyramid

Reverse Pyramid drinking game.

The flip on the original Pyramid drinking game. For this game, each player has a pyramid that they flip as they go, and the table has 4 cards face up.

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pyramid drinking game og

The Pyramid drinking game increases drinking penalties as time goes on. Trick other players that have cards that you do not, causing them to drink. Play Now.

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5 Card

5 Card drinking game.

With a total of 5 cards each, players take turns challenging each other and flipping to see who has the highest number. The loser drinks. Learn how to play.

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4 Plus

4 Plus drinking card game.

4 Plus is a very easy beer drinking card game to play and can result in huge drinking numbers. The game suits anywhere from 4 to 10+ players. Find out more.

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