pyramid drinking game feature

The Pyramid drinking game increases drinking penalties as time goes on. The game involves tricking other players so they believe you have cards that you do not – causing them to drink. Find out how to play below. How To Play Step 1: Firstly, remove the two jokers from the deck and deal each player…

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5 Card

5 card drinking game

This game is one of the easiest games you’ll find on the Beer Is OK drinking game list. With a total of 5 cards each, players take turns challenging each other and flipping to see who has the highest number. This game continues until there is one player left who is announced the winner of…

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Kings Cup (Circle of Death)

kings cup drinking game feature

Kings cup offers a wide variety of ‘mini games’ depending on the card drawn. Also known as Circle of Death, it has been around for quite some time, so there are a wide variety of rules you can follow. Below, Beer Is OK has highlighted one way to play the game, however, if you have…

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