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Quiet XPA

At no point was I expecting this to taste like a regular, delicious, alcoholic XPA. But my goodness, I was surprised! Read our Heaps Normal Quiet XPA review.

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Unbridled Unicorn

Super smooth and actually quite light to drink, small piney bitterness which is balanced with some sweetness and a chewy mouthwatering mouthfeel.

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Silverback Stout

After drinking so many stouts lately that have a range of wild and delicious flavours, It’s nice to also be able to pick up a great no bullshit local RIS.

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Watermelon Ace

I’ve been dying to get down to the cellar door to try this variety of ace and since hearing it was getting canned, I’ve been counting down the days.

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Stay Loco

Innate have blessed us yet again with another amazing limited release. This time in the very popular New England IPA style. Read our full beer review now.

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Super Tubes

After hearing some mates talk up how good this beer is I had to go and grab some for myself. Absolutely delicious! Read the full review with Beer Is OK.

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Big Brekkie Of Champs

Straight up coffee goodness on the nose, silky smooth mouth feel, chocolate, coffee, syrup and vanillla. This beer has a lot going on, but balanced perfectly.

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Flake It Till You Bake It

Light and crisp body, not a lot of malt or hop flavours, aromas or bitterness and that works well with the all spice, cinnamon, apples and vanilla.

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Garbage Stout

With everything but the kitchen sink thrown into this brew, it’s big, dark, thicc, sweet, smooth and boozey! Very moreish as well as coming in at 11.8% ABV.

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Bob Hawke: Australia’s beer drinking legend

When it comes to the top list of Australia’s Beer Drinking Legend’s, Bob Hawke is definitely one of the best. Let’s look back on the beer history of Bob Hawke.

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Top 5 West Australian craft beer and burger matchings

Being Perth locals, we’ve had our fair share of amazing burgers enjoyed with a fresh glass of craft beer. Here are our top 5 craft beer & burger matchings.

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Craft beer frequently asked questions

Are all beer reviews from Australian breweries?

Being based in Australia means that a lot of the reviews you'll see above will be covering Australian beers. However, our reviewers also review and write about beers from across the globe.

I can't find a particular beer, will it be reviewed?

With hundreds of thousands of beers out there, it can sometimes be hard to cover every beer released. However, our team of local reviews work to review as many beers as we can, sharing our feedback and recommendations.