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Beer Is OK was created in December 2019 as a place for Australian beer enthusiasts to come and find amazing new breweries, beer venues and bottle shops in Western Australia that stock their favourite craft beer. It's also a place for the Beer Is OK team to share our thoughts on local events and venues, writing about brewery tours, pub crawls and upcoming local beer-related events.

We thought Beer Is OK, perhaps more than OK, and we're sure you'd agree!

About the author

I'm Alexander Hamilton. My history in the beer world is pretty simple - I enjoy drinking it.

The website was created to share my experience (and share the experiences of other Australians) who enjoy visiting local breweries, venues and craft beer events. I write articles and venue reviews for this website and few other Australian websites.

Full-time, I work in the world of SEO. Therefore, it was a no brainer for me to start up my own website featuring two things I love to do, drink beer and write about it.

The other reason is to stop family and friends from labelling my beer drinking as a problem - now it's a hobby.

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