7 Reasons to drink beer during the week

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    It’s Friday night, and you’re wondering about what’s on draft at happy hour down at your local pub.

    And thanks to science, it doesn’t matter if you indulge in a few cold ones with your best mates, or pick up a six-pack along the way. Go ahead, crack open a bevvy as you settle into your couch to watch some TV after a tiring day at work.

    The week’s finally over, and you’ll be glad to know there are a few great reasons why you should be feeling good about drinking a pint of beer, not just on weekends, but also every day of the week.

    Read on to learn seven great reasons to celebrate your love for beer.


    1. Beer = happiness

    You may already know this without necessarily being familiar with the science behind it, but drinking beer makes people happier.

    A substance in beer called “hordenine” activates the happy hormones in the brain, thereby giving you that happy feeling.


    2. Beer can help you live longer

    Although we can’t promise you that you’ll live to celebrate (and have a pint of your favourite beer) your 100th birthday like Matilda Curcia (who enjoyed her beer with potato chips), and Doris Olive Netting (who drank a Guinness every day since age 37), we can safely say the proof’s in the pudding.


    3. Beer can make you self-confident

    Much like the way beer can make you feel happy, it can also make you feel better about yourself in the short term.

    This is not to say you’d better start drinking to prepare for your big speech or proposal.

    You just need to know that your beer has been helping you deliver those jokes on point, with razor-sharp precision and impeccable timing all these years.


    4. Beer benefits your bones

    No, beer doesn’t have bone-building calcium.

    What it does have, however, is orthosilicic acid. Present in most beers, orthosilicic acid supports healthy, strong bones, thereby preventing osteoporosis.

    Just don’t go around breaking anybody’s bones, including yours, by driving inebriated.


    5. Beer can help prevent dementia

    If taken in moderate amounts, beer can help stave off dementia, including Alzheimer’s disease, later in life. Beer does this by helping flush out harmful toxins or compounds present in the brain.


    6. Beer can help protect your kidneys

    One Finnish study showed that beer helps protect men from developing kidney stones.

    The results also showed that with every additional bottle of beer taken every day, a 41 per cent reduction in the risk of developing kidney stones.

    However, it is recommended that men take no more than two bottles of beer every day, and only one bottle per day for women.


    7. Beer is nutritious

    Beer contains several nutrients, including folate, B vitamins, fibre, selenium, and potassium. This, of course, depends a lot on the type of beer you are drinking.

    Do note, however, that most light beers would have little to none of these nutrients – so perhaps it’s better sticking to the strong stuff.


    Cheers to drinking beer every day!

    Afraid to indulge daily because of the dreaded beer belly?

    No worries, if you’re a casual beer drinker who knows his or her limits, there’s no real reason for you to grow one.

    With the holidays coming, if you feel like you’re drinking more than you should, watch out for the extra carbs and calories that often accompany imbibing!

    Even though beer is not a health food, per se, it really does offer a number of benefits. So, as long as you drink moderately, there’s nothing that should be keeping you from enjoying a cold one as you de-stress for the day.

    Go grab yourself a glass, and enjoy these seven benefits.

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