A look at Australia’s craft beer culture & how it became so popular

australia craft beer culture
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    It is no secret that Aussies love their beer, but over the last few years we have seen a dramatic shift in the brands we are purchasing. No longer is it about racing down to the pub to grab a cheap Happy Hour brew (or two), as those who are serious about their hops are after the exclusivity of craft beer.

    Our craft beer culture has changed.

    Over the last 7 years the industry has exploded, and we have seen a 200% growth in both craft beer production and sales. Entrepreneurs are quickly jumping on the bandwagon with a new brewery opening every 6 days.

    That’s a lot of new beer to try!


    So, what is craft beer?

    The term “craft beer” is a general term for the way the beer has been brewed. While it does sound sophisticated, often it is about going back to basics. Craft beer comes from a small, or microbrewery, and is often made without the use of mechanics. This is a more traditional beer and not something you would find mass produced.

    Due to the smaller keg sizes, the most popular brands can quickly run out of stock, making them highly sought after. This struggle to meet demand means brands grow quickly, but most owners put in long hours in the early stages of launching their brands.


    Fresh from tank to table

    It isn’t just beer loving entrepreneurs who are building mini empires by investing in small breweries. Some restaurants are embracing their customers passion for freshly brewed craft beer, with their own in-house microbreweries.

    One example of this is Waverley Brewhouse in Perth, who serve their customers unpasteurised beer straight from the tank to the table. To complement this they have delicious food and a range of other craft beers for sale.

    Often craft beer is available to purchase online, as this is a cheaper way to reach the wider population. Despite this, a large portion of craft beer connoisseurs prefer the experience of drinking in a venue.


    Which craft beers are the most popular?

    Feral Brewing Co, Pirate Life, and Little Creatures are three of the best selling craft beer brands in the Australian market. What started as small ventures have now seen them as household names, with availability throughout the country. It is these success stories that see new brands popping up, and this is an area that isn’t slowing down any time soon.

    It seems that craft beer makers like their ale, as it is the most popular choice to brew, making up over 50% of the market share. Pale Ale and Indian Ale are fan favourites, with up to 90% of craft beer drinkers choosing one of these varieties.


    Craft beer is the new wine

    Well, this isn’t exactly true, but craft beer is creating competition in the industry for those who want to try something sophisticated and new. There is a large following of craft beer drinkers in this country, and the creation of new brands and breweries is on the rise.

    This weekend, why not put aside your favourite ale, and try something different. You may just fall in love with a refreshing glass of craft beer from a small business.


    Author bio

    This article is written by Waverley Brewhouse — a contemporary Australian pub and nanobrewery based in Cannington, Western Australia.

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