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    Do you miss popping out to your local brewery or beer venue for a couple (or more) beers?

    Make the most of being stuck in the house with a beer themed movie marathon, kicking back by yourself and cracking a few of your favourite frothies. Here are my recommendations for a beery good time; let me know in the comments if I missed out any of your favourites.


    Drinking Buddies

    beer themed movies drinking buddies

    Don’t let the fact this is a romantic comedy put you off as it has a fantastic cast and is incredibly well-written. Set in a Chicago craft brewery, this clever beer themed film follows the story of a couple of co-workers who spend their free time drinking and flirting with each other. When will they draw the line between “just friends” and “more than friends?”.



    beerfest beer themed movie

    This fun beer themed comedy is about two brothers who recruit their most seasoned friends to participate in an Oktoberfest drinking competition in order to defend their grandfather’s honour and save his precious beer recipe from being handed over to the Germans. Definitely good for a few laughs, especially after a few steins.


    The World’s End

    the worlds end beer themed movie

    A group of old buddies decide to re-live their pub crawl from 20 years ago – The Golden Mile. The plan is to visit all 12 pubs, having a pint at each one. During this huge bender the world is invaded by aliens, but like all good drinkers they insist on finishing the crawl, even if it is the world’s end. This makes for a hilarious beer themed movie.


    Old School

    beer themed movie old school

    This hilarious comedy is about a few old school buddies, who due to a series of events end up living together on a college campus and starting up their own fraternity. This movie is not necessarily a ‘beer themed movie’, but I felt it was worth including even if just for that scene where Will Ferrell does a beer bong.



    superbad beer themed movie

    Follow the story of two teenage boys and how far they will go to get a few beers to a party – all to show off to a couple of girls of course. It’s a bit silly at times, but if you have had a brew or two you will get a few laughs out of the many cringe-worthy scenes.


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