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    Australian breweries have always been some of the best producers of funny beer commercials and adverts. Although, there are definitely a couple of international commercials that deserve an honourable mention.

    To help you relive the ‘good old days’ of large-scale and high budget beer advertising which was the early 2000’s, we’ve compiled a list of classic and funny beer commercials which will no doubt bring back some memories. So, whether you’re looking through on your phone in bed, sitting down for a bevvy after work or sneaking a quick look on the work computer, check out these 10 classic commercials from some of the world’s biggest beer brands.


    1. ‘It’s a big ad’ – Carlton

    There’s no doubt that we had to start off this list with the all time classic, ‘It’s A Big Ad’.

    If you enjoy beer, there almost no doubt that you’ve seen this commercial at some point in your adult life. Produced back in 2005, the ad has received over 30 awards globally and has continued to be one of the most memorable ads out there. The commercial included about 300 people to bring it to life, with visually effects amplifying this to create the big spectacular that it was.


    2. ‘Walk in fridge’ – Heineken

    Although not in English (and therefore can’t be understood by the person writing this), this commercial still makes complete sense even without understanding the words spoken.

    There’s no doubt we all love to show off the new house or the latest addition to our home bar, which makes this commercial resinate with so many beer drinkers. Once the camera switches over to the men in the walk in fridge, you can help but crack a smile and think, “you beauty!”.


    3. ‘Symphony Orchestra’ – Victoria Bitter

    Who doesn’t know and love that iconic VB tune!

    Victoria Bitter (or VB for the uninitiated) went that step further with this ad entrusting the teams at the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra and Orchestra Victoria to bring their classic tune to life. The result is a hilarious beer advert covering a song you’ll no doubt be humming along to.


    4. ‘Beer chase’ – Carlton

    If there is one thing that would break any beer drinker, it’s spilling their beer… and this ad does that ideology justice.

    After what appears to be a successful heist, this group of mates just want to enjoy an ice cold pint (something we’re surely all feeling at the moment). Unfortunately, the cops are at the same pub, and so the chase is on.


    5. ‘From a place much more pure than yours’ – Pure Blonde

    The beauty of this beer commercial is that it starts so pure, with the thought racing to mind that it must be an add for a bar of soap or perhaps a beauty product. This all changes once the truck rocks up.

    Your favourite part has to be when the driver grabs a bird mid air and cracks open a beer before passing it over, walking off as if it was nothing. What a champion!


    6. ‘Love the taste’ – Hahn

    This beer commercial is actually a combination of three ads in the same video, but they all follow a similar premise.

    A lady walks through in slow motion, hair flowing with the wind before a man jumps in ready to crack an ice-cold bottle of Hahn Premium Light. This is quickly followed by a disappointing look and the classic ‘What?’. Definitely a cracker of an ad.


    7. ‘Beer shed’ – Carlton

    Who doesn’t love sneaking out with mates for a ‘quick’ beer at the pub.

    There lads took it that step further by creating a combined backyard shed which quickly transforms into the ultimate home bar, complete with pool table and dart board. This ad definitely showcases what dreams are made of.


    8. ‘Beer rain’ – Tooheys

    This beer commercial is a weird one, but we feel it deserves a spot in the line-up.

    While we don’t condone using a trebuchet to launch a stag into the clouds, if it is the way that beer rain is formed, we might just as well be convinced (joking). But really, doesn’t beer rain sound like one of the best things that could happen – period.


    9. ‘Stay a little longer’ – Carlton

    What are the chances, hey?

    These mates happened to book their holidays with their partners to the exact same resort, and the surprise on their faces definitely shows. Well, now that they’re in the same location, it’s time to crack a beer and have some bevvies with the boys.


    10. ‘Walking fridge’ – Heineken

    A follow up to the classic Heineken walk-in fridge, this ad references it’s predecessor with an unfortunate climax.

    The shock of not receiving the ‘walk-in’ fridge as requested is quickly nulled once these guys realise they now have a ‘walking’ fridge which delivers beer right to the couch. That beats training the family dog to fetch your beers!


    Dishonorable beer commercial mention – Canadian Club

    Canadian Club… how dare you!

    We’ve had to come back and add a dishonorable mention to the article, with one of Canadian Club’s more recent beer commercial advertisements attacking our more beloved beverage – beer. The beer commercial insinuates that people can drink beer without enjoying it which we believe is unfathomable. Leave the funny alcohol commercials to the professionals Canadian Club.

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