Why Kombi Keg Has To Be Australia’s Coolest Mobile Bar

Why Kombi Keg Has To Be Australia’s Coolest Mobile Bar

A year or so ago we came across the Kombi Keg website and the concept that has fast become a very recognisable mobile bar service in Australia. The simple yet simply awesome idea to transfer a Volkswagen van into a mobile bar took off like wildfire as you’d expect, with the vans now being available across the globe.

But we’re here to talk about the fact that Kombi Keg has to be Australia’s coolest mobile bar.

Since following the Kombi Keg Perth Facebook, we’ve been looking for any occasion that could be made more awesome with a Kombi Keg. So much so that we just couldn’t keep the idea to ourselves.

Looking for the coolest mobile bar in Australia? Look no further than Kombi Keg.


A Mobile Bar That Makes A Statement

mobile bar statement kombi keg australia

If you want to create an event your guests will remember then organising a Kombi Keg is a must.

Not only will the van keep your beers cold and pouring perfectly, but it will also catch the eyes of your guests and quickly become a talking point no matter the occasion. Compared to the more basic or DIY mobile bars, Kombi Keg’s come with the history and unique personality of the Kombi itself.


The Beloved ‘Double Punch Buggy’

mobile bar double punch buggy kombi kegEver heard of the humble punch buggy?

The Kombi Keg is like a blast from the past, taking a road trip down south and yelling out “double punch buggy, no returns” as you quickly hit your closest sibling. The iconic Volkswagen design is one that’s sure to be a conversation starter for any event.

But this is not your regular ‘punch buggy’.

The Kombi Keg’s feature a few customisations to truly make your event that extra special, including a selection of bar benches and bar games. The iconic design, classic Kombi Keg mobile bar colours and the appeal of 6 taps hanging off the side make it a show-stopper.


There’s No Reason Not To

hire mobile bar kombi kegWe thought about it and there is no occasion that can’t be improved with a Kombi Keg mobile bar.

Whether organising a large gathering for a new commercial store opening or booking a venue for your best friends bucks do or hens night, the possibilities are endless. Let’s list out all the occasions that could be improved with a mobile bar:

  • Birthdays
  • Engagement Parties
  • Weddings
  • Bucks do’s
  • Hens Nights
  • Corporate Events
  • Food Truck Fiesta’s
  • Baby Showers
  • Old Mate Damo’s Backyard Bash

They are all the perfect occasions to hire a mobile bar. So, gather your friends, select your favourite beer and start organising your next event today.


Selecting Kegs From Local Breweries

kombi keg local kegs mobile barSeeking some mainstream classic or prefer a few local crafties – well the option is up to you!

When hiring the Kombi Keg, you can organise to use kegs from any of your local WA breweries that provide the option to purchase beer by the keg. Kombi Keg can even organise the pickup and manage the serving of the beer. Talk about a hassle-free party.

So, what are you waiting for! Head over to the Kombi Keg website and book a mobile bar for your next event today.

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