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    Located just half an hour from Perth, the Swan Valley is a great place to take a day trip for some beer tasting. This fertile region is known for its breweries, wineries and distilleries, as well as its beautiful green setting, so why not plan a brewery tour through the area.

    Be sure to arrange for someone to drive so you can enjoy your brews freely, without the risk of getting a drink driving penalty, or organise a pre-packaged tour with a local tour provider. Local tour providers know which breweries are crowd favourites, so speak to them about your favourite beer styles and destinations and they’ll be able to craft up the perfect itinerary.

    To get you started, here are some of the best Swan Valley Breweries that the team at Beer Is OK recommend. Pick one or all before planning out your own unique tour through Western Australia’s amazing Swan Valley region.


    Ironbark Brewery

    The Ironbark Brewery is usually one of your first stops when you take a Swan Valley brewery tour. They’ve got a massive beer menu encompassing a wide range of styles, as well as several ciders. They’ve even got regular and non-alcoholic ginger beer.

    With so many options on offer, you could spend the entire day tasting brews at just this one brewery. But don’t stop just yet, there’s plenty more to explore!


    Duckstein Brewery

    With live music most weekends for entertainment, the Duckstein Brewery is a perennial favourite in the Swan Valley.

    Rather than relying on exotic ingredients and other gimmicks to create beer, this brewery focusses on classic German traditions. The end result is delicious German-style beers, like Pilsner and Hefeweiss. Pair the brews with German food, and you are in for a good time.

    Be sure to stop by during Oktoberfest to enjoy the festivities.


    Feral Brewing Company

    Feral Brewing Company offers up beers with attitude.

    The brewer isn’t afraid to experiment and take risks, resulting in delicious beers that are truly unique. The pub is divided into three areas: the interior, veranda, and beer garden. Each offers a distinct experience, so be sure to try them all.

    The beer lineup typically includes a handful of staple brews, including a white ale, IPA and dark ale, as well as the popular Hop Hog pale ale and Biggie Juice. They also serve up seasonal concoctions made in limited batches such as TUSK.

    Note: Unfortunately Feral Brewing moved out of the Swan Valley, so you’ll need to cross this one off your list.


    Elmar’s in the Valley

    Another German-style establishment, Elmar’s in the Valley is friendly and inviting.

    Some, but not all of the food menu is German as well, featuring a bratwurst plate that pairs perfectly with the beer. While the beer list only has four year-round options, including a wheat beer and a lager, it also includes several seasonal brews that rotate throughout the year.


    Mash Brewing

    Founded in 2006, Mash Brewing is undoubtedly one of the best breweries in Swan Valley, and its beers have won multiple awards to prove it.

    The brewing system is on full display behind the bar, so you can actually see where your beer is coming from and possibly even catch the brewers at work. The core selection is among the best in the area.

    Be sure to try the Little NEIPA New England IPA for a delicious mid-strength or one of the brand’s seasonal offerings.


    Homestead Brewery

    Mandoon Estate isn’t only home to a delicious winery, it also houses Homestead Brewery.

    Part of the Mandoon Estate, it offers a spectacular environment in which to relax while you enjoy a cold brew. The menu typically has about 10 styles, including core favourites, seasonal creations, and even an apple cider.

    The restaurant provides crowd-pleasers like pizza, burgers, and pub snacks to complement your beverages and keep the relaxed vibe going.


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    Looking for some additional Swan Valley Breweries to visit? Check out ‘A Beer Enthusiast’s Guide to the Swan Valley‘ over at West Australian Explorer.

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