Christmas beer advent calendar: Copper & Oak (2019)

2019 Christmas advent calendar from Copper and Oak.
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    If there is one thing I can get around in the lead up to Christmas, it’s the Beer Advent Calendars that come out from local bottle shops and online retailers. These heavenly boxes feature 25 unique beers in a range of styles, from a wide selection of countries. The beer advent calendars from Copper & Oak are no different.

    To celebrate the lead up to Christmas, we’ll be updating this list daily with a snippet of information on each surprise beer hand selected by the team.

    Let’s get into it!



    Day 1: Rocky Ridge

    1 Rocky Ridge Tamarillo 3

    Brewery: Rocky Ridge
    Beer Name: Holy S**t It’s A Mid! The Tamarillo Edition
    Beer Type: Sour, Gose
    ALC: 3.7% (375mL | 1.1 Standard Drinks)

    Kicking off this year’s Christmas advent calendar from Copper & Oak is the newest edition of ‘Holy S**t, It’s A Mid!’, the tamarillo edition. While personally, I’m not a big fan of sour beer, I can definitely appreciate the taste and why many beer enthusiasts enjoy them.

    This beer starts with a big sour hit on the first sip, but slowly lowers in sourness as you get down the can. The tamarillo gives it a very interesting fruity flavour, which lingers in your mouth. The alcohol taste is almost non-existent (likely helped by the lower percentage).

    Overall, a very interesting and tasty sour is now welcomed to the ‘Holy S**t, It’s a Mid!’ line up.


    Day 2: Impi Brewers

    2 Impi Brewers Saison 3

    Brewery: Impi Brewers
    Beer Name: Rooibos Saison
    Beer Type: Saison
    ALC: 6.6% (375mL | 2.0 Standard Drinks)

    Day 2 features a relatively new brewer (established in October 2017) known as Impi Brewers. The first taste I got of Impi Brewers wasn’t until the most recent Fremantle Craft Beer Fest (November 2019) – selecting their ‘Are you the NEIPA Keeper?’ as my first beer of the day. It was delicious.

    They also had some awesome merch including a fridge magnet badge with bottle opener – but moving on.

    This Rooibos Saison definitely caught me on surprise with the first mouthful. The beer uses Roobis, a South African red bush tea, which gives it a unique flavour I wasn’t expecting. I did start to enjoy the taste with each mouthful, but in the end, it really wasn’t the beer for me.

    After tasting a couple of their other beers at the beer fest, however, I’m going to keep a close eye on this newer brewery and can’t wait to see what they have in store next!


    Day 3: Wayward Brewing Co.

    3 Wayward Hazy IPA 3

    Brewery: Wayward Brewing Co.
    Beer Name: Appalachian Mist
    Beer Type: Hazy East Coast IPA
    ALC: 6.0% (375mL | 1.8 Standard Drinks)

    When Wayward Brewing included the words ‘hazy’ and ‘juicy’ on the can, they weren’t messing around. This hazy easy coast IPA ticks all the boxes of an incredibly juicy and delicious beer.

    I’m a sucker for a good juicy IPA, so this beer made day three of the beer advent calendar amazing. Each sip fills your mouth with an easy-drinking hoppy flavour. This is definitely a beer I’ll be buying again soon.


    Day 4: JDH & Limestone Coast Brewing

    4 JDH Limestone Premium Pilsner 3

    Brewery: JDH & Linestone Coast Brewing
    Beer Name: JDH Premium Pilsner
    Beer Type: Pilsner
    ALC: 4.3% (375mL | 1.6 Standard Drinks)

    This pilsner was created by Jamie Dwyer from JDH, and as he describes it, “it’s best enjoyed after a game of hockey”. The beer also includes some extra magnesium to help with your muscles – but that’s not what makes it great.

    This beer is very easy to drink, almost too easy. A few quick sips and you’ll notice the can doesn’t take long to finish. The very subtle flavour makes it perfect for a warm summer’s day.

    I’m going to head back to store to try out the pale ale now – i’m sure it will be just as delicious!


    Day 5: South Fremantle Brewing

    5 South Fremantle Brewing Roogenic 3

    Brewery: South Fremantle Brewing
    Beer Name: Roogenic
    Beer Type: Lemon Myrtle Pale
     5.0% (375mL | 1.5 Standard Drinks)

    South Fremantle Brewing gypsy brewed this pale with lemon myrtle from Roogenic – an all-natural health food company specialising in native Australian plants. What’s gypsy brewing? I’ll let the guys from Black Hops Brewing explain it to you.

    Heading into tasting this beer I was a bit sceptical about how strange it may taste, but I’m happy to report it went down a treat. The lemon myrtle gave it a unique zing with ever sip, which continued with a lingering light earthy flavour. Sitting at a solid 5%, the beer held itself well, well-rounded and delicious.

    Also, we can’t pass up on mentioning how awesome the can design is!


    Day 6: Prancing Pony Brewery

    6 Prancing Pony Bavarian Maerzen 3

    Brewery: Prancing Pony Brewery
    Beer Name: Festbier
    Beer Type: Marzen
    ALC: 5.6% (375mL | 1.7 Standard Drinks)

    The ‘Traditional Bavarian Maerzen’ from Prancing Pony poured slightly darker in colour, creating a full-bodied beer. Having tried quite a few beer styles from Prancing Pony in the past, this Bavarian lager style was something new and unexpected.

    As with a few of the previous beers from this year’s beer advent calendar, I was unsure if I’d enjoy the taste. However much to my satisfaction, after a few sips I was enjoying the unique taste and kept reaching over for more. Overall, another delicious beer from the Prancing Pony team – Danke dir!

    I think it might be time to book that trip to Germany for Oktoberfest next year.


    Day 7: Liefmans

    7 Liefmans Goudenband 3

    Brewery: Liefmans
    Beer Name: Goudenband
    Beer Type: Sour Red/Brown
    ALC: 8.0% (300mL | 1.9 Standard Drinks)

    A sour beer that gets better with age? I definitely wasn’t expecting the Liefmans Goudenband on day 7 of this year’s beer advent calendar.

    Blended in 2016 with an expiry of 2026, I was intrigued with this beer as I’ve never heard of a sour beer that gets better with age.

    Unfortunately, not the beer for me. I can understand there’s likely a few people reading this that feels it may have been a standout so far, but it definitely didn’t have that effect on me.

    On to day 8 tomorrow!


    Day 8: BEERFARM

    8 Beerfarm Royal Haze 3

    Brewery: BEERFARM
    Beer Name: Royal Haze
    Beer Type: Juicy Hazy IPA
    ALC: 5.8% (375mL | 1.7 Standard Drinks)

    BEERFARM’s Royal Haze is next on this year’s beer advent calendar line-up, an easy-drinking hazy IPA. I’ve had this beer before and really enjoyed it, so getting to experience the flavour all over again was great.

    A solid hazy IPA, which tasted juicy and packed full of flavour. If you’re into NEIPA’s and similar beer types, you’ll need to give this one a try. Or if you’re ever travelling down south, stop in at their brewery, it’s essentially your mates back shed, on a much larger scale.


    Day 9: gwei•lo & Behemoth Brewing Company

    9 Behemoth Gwei Lo Hop Kong Neipa 3

    Brewery: gwei•lo & Behemoth Brewing Company
    Beer Name: Hop Kong Neipa
    Beer Type: Neipa
    ALC: 4.9% (330mL | 1.3 Standard Drinks)

    A collaborative NEIPA from the teams at gwei•lo and Behemoth Brewing.

    This beer hits you with hops from the first sip but is still easy drinking and super juicy. Being a personal fan of NEIPA’s, this beer was yet another welcome surprise from Copper & Oak’s beer advent calendar for 2019.

    Hops, hops and more hops with a delicious and well-balanced juicy finish. I found myself going back for sip after sip. Absolutely delicious beer from both breweries involved.


    Day 10: Otherside Brewing Co.

    10 Otherside Headliner Double IPA 3

    Brewery: Otherside Brewing Co.
    Beer Name: Headliner
    Beer Type: Double IPA
    ALC: 8.5% (375mL | 2.5 Standard Drinks)

    If you live in Perth and enjoy craft beer, chances are you’ve come across Otherside Brewing. Personally, I can’t go past their Anthem or Harvest when I’m looking for a delicious beer to relax after work.

    Their Lo-Fi Citrus Ale is also a well-rounded mid strength.

    So when I unwrapped this ‘Creative Release’ from the beer advent calendar, I was stoked! This juicy Double IPA ticked all the boxes with a nice hop hit and mellow finish. Milky smooth.

    Yet another solid release from the Otherside team!



    Day 11: Blasta Brewing

    11 Blasta The Cats Whiskers 3

    Brewery: Blasta Brewing
    Beer Name: The Cat’s Whiskers
    Beer Type: American Pale Ale
    ALC: 4.7% (375mL | 1.4 Standard Drinks)

    Blasta is definitely producing some top of the range delicious beers at the moment.

    I’ve had The Cat’s Whiskers a few times on tap before at Blasta Brewery in Burswood and am a big fan. The beer delivers a deliciously milky smooth beer with just a hint of strawberry. The strawberry flavour is enough to be noticed, without being overpowering – making the pale ale smooth and fruity.

    If you haven’t visited the brewery and live in Perth, do yourself a favour and stop by – the food is just as good as the beer! It’s also in an excellent location in Burswood, just off Graham Farmer Freeway. While there, I recommend giving the ‘Unleash The Beast NEIPA’ and ‘Myway Grapefruit IPA’ a try!


    Day 12: Hawkers

    12 Hawkers Circus Oz 3

    Brewery: Hawkers
    Beer Name: Circus Oz
    Beer Type: Strong Pale Ale
    ALC: 5.7% (375mL | 1.7 Standard Drinks)

    The Hawkers Circus OZ strong pale ale offers a strong hoppy hit with a smooth finish. A quick smell and your nose with be jam packed with the strong smell of hops.

    Another delicious pale ale from Hawkers, who produce a range of great beers. Not too much to say on this beer except it was thoroughly enjoyed – faster than I could write some tasting notes!


    Day 13: Wolf Of The Willows Brewing Co.

    13 Wolf Of The Willows Jalisco Sour 3

    Brewery: Wolf Of The Willows Brewing Co.
    Beer Name: Jalisco Sour
    Beer Type: Sour
    ALC: 4.2% (355mL | 1.1 Standard Drinks)

    Surprising not overly sour, the Wolf Of The Willows Jalisco Sour had a very odd flavour. The beer had a smoky taste and smell to it, almost a bit rough on the back of the throat.

    I’ve never had an agave flavoured beer before, so it was definitely an experience. I’m not entirely sure the flavour suited the beer, but that could just be my taste. The lack of sourness was the biggest confusion though as I was expecting a sour hit.


    Day 14: Browar Amber

    14 Browar Amber PoGodzinach 3

    Brewery: Browar Amber
    Beer Name: PO Godzinach
    Beer Type: Double IPA
    ALC: 7.5% (500mL | 3.0 Standard Drinks)

    Back on the IPA’s for day 14 with a release from Browar Amber. A large bottle of thick IPA goodness. I mean thick quite literally. With strong hits of hops on every sip, the beer tasted really smooth (somewhere between a classic IPA and syrup).

    With a strong alcohol content of 7.5%, it’s good to know this beer is to be opened on a Saturday as the alcohol content does hit you by the end.

    All in all, a very delicious beer from a brewery I’ve never heard of before. Always a delight purchasing these beer advent calendars and exploring beers you’d otherwise not normally buy.


    Day 15: Du Bocq Brewery

    15 Gaulois Amber Ale 3

    Brewery: Du Bocq Brewery
    Beer Name: La Gauloise Amber
    Beer Type: Amber Ale
    ALC: 5.5% (330mL | 1.4 Standard Drinks)

    Yet another beer from a brewery I had never heard of before, which again highlights how awesome these beer advent calendars are at broadening your beer experience!

    The Du Bocq beer doesn’t seem to have many overpowering flavours. The beer was very carbonated. When poured, I watched thousands of tiny bubbles flowing from the bottom of the glass to the top from start to finish.

    It almost gave the smell of a sour beer on the nose, with a lack of any sourness. Overall, I did enjoy the beer, but the lack of any substantial flavour (that I could taste) didn’t make it stand out to me.


    Day 16: Bad Shepherd Brewing Co

    16 Bad Shepard Oatmeal Stout 3

    Brewery: Bad Shepherd Brewing Co
    Beer Name: Oatmeal Stout
    Beer Type: Stout
    ALC: 5.1% (355mL | 1.4 Standard Drinks)

    My first instinct when it comes to a stout is that it will be quite heavy and full bodied, which usually keeps me away from stouts during the warm summer weather. But after this beer advent calendar so far and a few recommendations from other beer enthusiasts, I’m enjoying stouts in the hot weather more and more each day.

    This stout from Bad Shepherd is great. Very light and easy drinking, hiding the decent 5.1% very well. The beer has chocolatey notes to it, with a strong oat flavour on every sip.

    It didn’t take me long to get to the bottom of the can, that’s for sure. My first try of a Bad Shepherd beer, but definitely not my last.


    Day 17: Cheeky Monkey Brewing Co.

    17 Cheeky Monkey Pale Ale 3

    Brewery: Cheeky Monkey Brewing Co.
    Beer Name: Pale Ale
    Beer Type: Pale Ale
    ALC: 5.0% (330mL | 1.3 Standard Drinks)

    Back to the classic with Day 17, the Cheeky Monkey Pale Ale.

    I haven’t had many cheeky monkeys since the new(ish) packaging came out, but I love the new design. It almost makes you feel a bit cheeky having a cheeky monkey beer. I also love the small text ‘for mature audiences only’ after having all the issues with labelling (Thanks Boomers).

    Look, what can I say? It’s a classic pale ale. Well rounded and delicious. Exactly how a pale ale should be – and a great beer to steady the taste buds coming into the end of this year’s beer advent calendar.


    Day 18: Brooklyn Brewery

    18 Brooklyn Bel Air Sour 3

    Brewery: Brooklyn Brewery
    Beer Name: Bel Air Sour
    Beer Type: Dry Hopped Sour Ale
    ALC: 4.5% (355mL | 1.3 Standard Drinks)

    A nice dry tropical beer that does not go over the top on sourness. This easy drinking beer is definitely best enjoyed on a warm summer afternoon.

    As you drink on through the can, the sour hit slows down, and you’re treated with a fruity smooth beer. It’s almost light enough to make it feel like a mid-strength, but still gives a full-bodied beer taste.

    Really enjoyed this sour which is a beer type I usually stay away from. Thanks Brooklyn.


    Day 19: CoConspirators Brewing Co.

    19 Coconspirators The Imposter West Coast IPA 3

    Brewery: CoConspirators Brewing Co.
    Beer Name: The Imposter
    Beer Type: West Coast IPA
    ALC: 6.0% (355mL | 1.7 Standard Drinks)

    A 6% that hides the alcohol well, while still giving you that strong beery hit. This beer presents a hoppy flavour with citrus and fruity notes, which are at a perfect level not to be overwhelming.

    I also have to make mention to the can design. CoConsipirators make awesome simple designed cans that are sure to catch the eye. This one has a man with a mop with the name tag ‘M Ployee’ – love the creativity.

    Definitely a beer worth trying. Enjoyed every sip and will definitely be buying more.


    Day 20: Thorny Devil

    20 Thorny Devil New World Pale Ale 3

    Brewery: Thorny Devil
    Beer Name: New World Pale Ale
    Beer Type: Pale Ale
    ALC: 4.6% (375mL | 1.4 Standard Drinks)


    This has to be one of the easiest drinking pale ales I’ve had. You can smell and taste the hops, but you don’t get that strong hop hit. Instead, you get a very clean and crisp beer this is incredibly moreish.

    I’ve had thorny devil before, however, they’re never really been on my radar as a beer to get for a session. That’s all changed now.

    This beer is amazing. Thorny Devil, you’ve created one of my new favourite pale ales!


    Days 21 to 25


    Day 21: Duvel

    21 Duvel Belgian Golden Ale 3

    Brewery: Duvel
    Beer Name: Belgian Golden Ale
    Beer Type: Belgian Golden Ale
    ALC: 8.5% (330mL | 2.3 Standard Drinks)

    The Duvel hits alcohol wise with a massive 8.5% ABV, however hides the alcohol burn very well. The beer instead offers a light in appearance and taste Belgian Golden Ale that goes down an absolute treat.

    The beer has an almost dry finish on every swallow, with a unique flavour found in most wheat beers. Duvel is known very well around the world as a standard in the strong golden ale category, and it’s easy to see why. A well-rounded beer, smooth mouthfeel and easy drinking – definitely something you can sink easily on these warm summer days.


    Day 22: Hawkers

    22 Hawkers Pale Ale 3

    Brewery: Hawkers
    Beer Name: Pale Ale
    Beer Type: Pale Ale
    ALC: 4.8% (375mL | 1.4 Standard Drinks)

    Another banging beer from Hawkers in this beer advent calendar 2020 line-up, after enjoying Hawkers Circus Oz back on day 12. Round 2 also features a pale ale, however, this time it’s just a a standard pale ale rather than a Strong Pale Ale.

    So, what’s different? I feel both tasted very similar to one another, as they should, but found this Pale Ale to be the lighter of the two both in both the flavour of hops and alcohol content. This Pale Ale is definitely sessionable and satisfying – exactly what you’d want from Hawkers.

    Another delicious Pale Ale added to the list!


    Day 23: Capital Brewing Co.

    23 Capital Summit Session XPA 3

    Brewery: Capital Brewing Co.
    Beer Name: Summit XPA
    Beer Type: Session XPA
    ALC: 3.5% (375mL | 1.0 Standard Drinks)

    Very hazy beer that has an insane amount of carbonation which I absolutely love. From drinking the beer, you can tell that it is a mid-strength as it’s somewhat lacking that big ‘oomph’ you get from a full strength – however, that does not make it less enjoyable in any regard.

    Capital did an awesome job with the fruitiness and haziness of this beer with big juicy flavours to make it a very enjoyable mid strength. The extra carbonation give it a great full-bodied mouthfeel that bubbles away on every sip.

    This is definitely a beer I’d be happy to sink can after can on a warm summer day by the pool – and I plan on doing just that this afternoon!


    Day 24: Panhead Custom Ales

    24 Panhead Hardtail Henry 3

    Brewery: Panhead Custom Ales
    Beer Name: Hardtail Henry
    Beer Type: Oaked Stout
    ALC: 8.0% (440mL | 2.8 Standard Drinks)

    Wow, this one hits you hard from the first sip. Strong coffee flavour while also a faint chocolatey taste. The strong 8.0% ABV is also definitely present with every sip.

    This is definitely a nice thick full-bodied stout. This is my first time trying Panhead and it’s definitely peaked my interest, so I look forward to trying the rest of their range. The oak notes also shines through, with strong woody flavours lingering in the mouth after every sip.

    Finally, I need to mention the can design. Awesome looking can that prompted me to have a look on their website where I noticed all their cans look awesome. Although this doesn’t change the taste of the beer, it definitely makes me feel good drinking from it!


    Day 25 – Christmas!: Two Birds Brewing

    25 Two Birds Oh Christmas Tree 3

    Brewery: Two Birds Brewing
    Beer Name: Oh Christmas Tree!
    Beer Type: Red IPA
    ALC: 6.0% (330mL | 1.6 Standard Drinks)

    First things first – Merry Christmas to all you beer snobs out there, I hope Santa brought you some delicious crafty surprises.

    What a way to end this year’s beer advent calendar than ‘Oh Christmas Tree!’ from Two Birds Brewing. This delicious Red IPA offers a bunch of woody and piney flavours that linger in your mouth throughout the whole can.

    At a reputable 6.0%, I absolutely loved drinking this beer. A banging choice for Christmas Day, perhaps cracked open just after 12pm (or a bit earlier, we don’t judge).


    Have you purchased a beer advent calendar this year?

    We’d love to hear about where you got an advent calendar from and what you thought of the selection. Hopefully next year, we can include some additional beer advent calendars from other suppliers.


    Disclaimer: Beer Is OK received no payment or incentive to write this article. I’m simply a Perth local who loves local craft beer and sharing thoughts and reviews.

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