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    Look, if you love beer as much as we do, there’s no doubt you often dream of taking a brewery tour in almost every part of the world. However, with current coronavirus isolation and travel restrictions in place, it’s never been harder to travel to new and exciting destinations in the hopes of finding that next delicious drop.

    Not to mention the life of debt it may cost!

    Luckily, out of isolation sparks great ideas and excellent execution with the introduction of an online isolation brewery tour from a much-loved local Perth tour provider. Explore four of Western Australia’s most popular breweries from the comfort of your own home – anywhere in the world!


    Online isolation brewery tour details

    Stock up on your favourite local craft beer before tuning in online for the full isolation brewery tour. If you live outside of Western Australia, stock up from your local brewery and let others know what you’re enjoying in the Facebook Live comments.

    Date: Saturday, May 9th, 2020.
    Time: 12:30pm to 4:30pm.
    Location: Facebook Live: from the comfort of your own home, anywhere in the world.




    • 12:30pm – Nowhereman Brewing Co.

    How to buy:
    Online store for ordering cans and merch. Pick up or delivery available on select nights of the week.


    • 1:15pm – Bright Tank Brewing Co.

    How to buy:
    Preorder beer and food online – Friday, Saturday and Sunday.


    • 2pm – Seasonal Brewing Co.

    How to buy:
    Food and beer delivery available Wednesday to Sunday. Pickup available Saturday and Sunday.


    • 2:50pm Blasta Brewing Co.

    How to buy:
    Order online via their app for delivery or pickup of beer and food from the cafe area.


    The online isolation brewery tour hosts

    The online isolation brewery tour is the wonderful creation of Hidden deTours.

    Hidden deTours is a boutique tour operator in Perth offering unique bus and walking tours for adventurous tourists and locals for the past seven years. With a focus on ‘hidden’ venues and producers they have created Perth’s first Gin Tours and Perth’s first Craft Beer Bus Tours to urban breweries. Their sold-out Gin Walking Tours were a hit with gin lovers until the recent changes to tourism stopped all tours from happening.

    They have recently launched their very popular ISO Tour series and are very excited to support local producers whilst creating entertaining behind the scenes virtual tours for people to enjoy from their own home.


    • Monique Boucher

    Monique Boucher, the Director of Merriment at Hidden deTours loves helping local businesses thrive and creating tours with personality! She stepped out of her comfort zone to bring some live and fresh content to keep us sane while we wait out the ‘Rona’.



    • Chris Buckee

    Chris Buckee has been doing beer commentary on Instagram for almost two years now.

    A fierce supporter of Western Australian beers and the industry, he is becoming a regular feature of the community — with his beer reviews including amusing anecdotes and stories with dubious truth to them.

    The photography he features in his posts are often humorous and eye-catching in their composition. He has developed a strong following on Instagram and a growing one on Facebook, who are all ready to laugh with (and at) him.

    Instagram | Facebook


    • Daniel Rootman

    Daniel Rootman, 34, husband, father of 2 boys – beer lover.

    What started as something ‘cool to do’ in 2017 has developed into a hobby. Then a passion. @daniel_loves_beer was originally created as a place to post the ‘odd beer’. It has since developed into his beer lifestyle page. More than just beer itself, we see events, family, alternate hobbies, mates (mainly beer though??)

    All photography, writing and thoughts are his own. Rather than just a ‘beer review’, Daniel will often tie it in to life situations, offering a comedic touch with honest and entertaining insight.


    Cider, wine or spirits more your thing?

    Well, well, well… What are you doing here on Beer Is OK?!?

    You’re in luck, this time.

    Hidden deTours are also hosting a range of additional tours to delicious local wine, gin and cider producers. You can find more details by following their Facebook Page.

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