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    After a few quieter years where it almost felt like Burswood & Victoria Park were in limbo, the area is now buzzing with activity with new beer venues opening up and older venues receiving full face-lifts.

    Unlike WA Today, we wouldn’t phrase it as ‘car yards out, swanky hipsters in’. Simply, tastes are changing and damn, it’s about time!

    There’s never been a better time to organise an urban beer crawl through the area just over the swan river, south east of Perth. You’ll be tasting from some of the best local breweries and bars that stock all your crafty favourites. End you night with some retro arcade games and you’re set for a boozy afternoon sure to be a great time.


    The urban beer crawl itinerary

    This beer crawl begins at the mighty Blasta Brewing which opened in early 2018 and has quickly become a crowd favourite in the craft beer arena. Better yet, the brewery is just a quick walk (4-minutes) from Burswood train station which makes getting into the area quick and easy with no designated driver needed.

    From there, you’ll be working yourselves through 5 more beer crawl stops before ending the night at The Palace Arcade in Victoria Park. That makes a total of 7 venues all within walking distance (with one bonus venue at the end). So, be sure to pace yourselves and stay hydrated between stops (by ‘stay hydrated’ we mean with water, not just beer).


    Follow the Burswood/Victoria Park beer crawl map


    A: Blasta Brewing Company

    burswood brewing company blasta brewing 10

    Lunch. Start your day right with a beer (we recommend Unleash the Beast) and meal (Blasta Super Salad) from Blasta Brewing, stop one on your beer crawl. Blasta Brewing Company have an awesome bar with the backdrop of their brewing set up which is quite impressive. The indoor dining area includes long wooden tables, and the outdoor beer garden has plenty of shade throughout the day.

    Take your time with lunch and enjoy a beer or two before taking off down the road to the next stop.


    5-minute walk to:

    B: Empire Bar

    The Empire Bar offers that classic ‘local rustic pub’ vibe with cold beers on tap – what more do you need?

    The front of the beer venue has some bar seating to relax at while you enjoy your pint, or head around the back and make use of their impressively sized beer garden. The Empire Bar usually has a mixture of mainstream beers and some crafty options on tap, so you’re sure to find a beer to suit your tastes.

    Now, the next leg of this race is the longest leg on the afternoon, so make sure to prepare yourselves for the walk – It’s time to work off lunch and the first few pints.


    20-minute walk to:

    C: Dutch Trading Co

    Heard of a little thing called craft beer?

    Well, you best believe Dutch Trading Co know all about it. In fact, they’ve won a few awards to prove it, not to mention being a crowd favourite in Perth amongst the craft beer enthusiasts.

    Dutch Trading Co have a whopping 26 craft beer taps and over 300 unique bottles and cans of craft beer on offer – it’s insane. This bar is home to some of the most unique and rarest beers you can get your hands on, so you might spend more time deciding on what to drink compared to actually drinking.

    After you’ve admired the craft beer line up and had a few (likely ridiculous percentage) craft beers, it’s time to shuffle along to the next venue.


    3-minute walk to:

    D: Broken Hill Hotel

    broken hill hotel victoria park venue 3

    Share Food. Recently renovated and looking as sleek as ever, Broken Hill is another one of those classic local pubs you can head down to with mates and have a punt on the races with a few TAB machines out back. However, along with the renovations came a bit more class with a more refined menu and welcoming beer tap selection – we were definitely impressed on our last visit.

    Grab a few pints of your favourite and a selection of sides and share food before making your way out back to the massive beer garden. Relax and take it easy under that brilliant Perth sun. While we’re here, a reminder to grab some water and keep those clean fluid levels up (beer doesn’t count).


    11-minute walk to:

    E: Victoria Park Hotel

    A quick walk, skip and hop up Albany Hwy and you’ll soon be at Victoria Park Hotel.

    This is definitely one of the most established bars on the line-up, so if you’re seeking a laid-back pub feel where you can get a feed and a few cold pints, this is the place to stop.

    Sink a few of those easy to down mainstream pints and head on to the next location for a full dinner.


    2-minute walk to:

    F: Boston Brewing Co

    boston brewing co victoria park 2

    Dinner. Boston Brewing only just opened (late 2019) and has quickly grown in popularity throughout Victoria Park and surrounding suburbs. Featuring their delicious beer line-up all the way from their brewery in Denmark, you’ll be able to enjoy remarkable food menu matched with fresh craft beer.

    This is the second last stop on your trip through Burswood and Victoria Park, so there’s no need to rush. Fill up on your meal of choice, soaking up a bit of that alcohol before setting off on a quick walk up the block.


    4-minute walk to:

    G: The Palace Arcade

    palace arcade victoria park beer venue 5

    Feel that urge to revisit your childhood?

    The Palace Arcade is one of Victoria Park’s newest bars (opening Feb 2020) and features a tap list full of craft beers matched with easy snack food and pizza by the slice. It’s also jam packed with retro arcade games which can be enjoyed while you sip down your favourite brew.

    All of this makes it the ideal location to spend the night. Sip on a beer, play some games, and if you get hungry, grab a slice of pizza!


    7-minute walk to:

    Room for one more? Balmoral Hotel

    balmoral hotel victoria park 1

    If you’re hoping to hit one more venue off the list, the Balmoral Hotel is definitely a crowd favourite for the people of Victoria Park. The large open venu has both a front alfresco area and large beer garden out back – perfect for larger groups.

    Stop in for some delicious crafties and more generic options on tap or have a late night feast with their delicious pub menu. Keep an eye on their facebook page for upcoming events as the beer venue is always bustling with new and unique events with some great beer specials.

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