The BoozeGames review: 8 Unique games, endless drinking

The BoozeGames drinking game review.
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    If you’re on the lookout for a drinking game with plenty of unique ideas, heavy and moderate drinking penalties, endless replayability and customisation to suit what your friends enjoy, then The BoozeGames is the drinking game for you.

    The BoozeGames includes eight different drinking games (decks) in one, giving a unique twist on every turn around the table.

    One player could be attempting to describe the colour ‘Blue’, while the next turn you’ll be setting up a mini-game of beer pong to compete in.

    This propels The BoozeGames above your more common range of drinking games out there.

    After finding the game online and playing it a few times with friends, I wanted to put together a detailed review of The BoozeGames for others out there considering whether to purchase for your next drinking session.

    Short answer: Do it!


    Overall review of The BoozeGames

    After playing through the game for a few hours, multiple times, we definitely recommend purchasing the game and playing it with a decent group of friends (6+).

    This is the type of game you can make a day out of, with eight decks of around 50 cards, all with different and unique drinking games to enjoy. While it’s recommended you play for 90+ minutes, you can easily stretch the game out for a few hours.

    It’d make a perfect all-day drinking game for Australia Day as well.

    The BoozeGames deck review.

    The price is super reasonable for the replayability and what’s included, and you can see that a lot of time, effort and testing (the poor people who had to test this – my heart goes out to you) went into creating the ultimate drinking game.

    The first time you play the game, you’ll need to familiarise yourself with each of the 8 games, so it does take some time to get started.

    However, once you’ve flipped the white card on each deck, the games are quick and easy to play and the game speeds up substantially.

    If you’re interested in supporting The BoozeGames, head over to their website.


    Setting up The BoozeGames

    To set up the game, split into teams of two and sit opposite your teammate. Shuffle all 9 decks of cards and place them in an octagon, with the BoozeGames deck in the middle.

    Add the white cards to the top of each game type if it’s your first time playing as they will tell you how to play.

    Additionally, outside of what is included in the drinking game, you will need:

    • Pens
    • Paper
    • Phone or computer
    • Internet connection
    • Speaker

    It’s also recommended you have a ping pong ball, coin, alcoholic beverages (of course) and non-breakable party cups.

    Want to learn how to play but a video is more your thing? Check out this setup video from The BoozeGames team.


    Review of the 8 game decks

    There are a total of eight game decks in The BoozeGames, each with a different set of rules. One of the best parts of The BoozeGames that we wanted to highlight in our review is that the game can be chopped and changed to suit your group’s drinking style.

    Is trivia not your thing? Then remove the ‘Cooked trivia’ deck. Not interested in completing dares? Remove ‘You won’t do it’ from the deck.

    There are so many unique cards and game types that you can still enjoy this game while just playing a few key decks.

    Below we’ve outlined the eight decks included and ranked them from our favourite decks through to our least favourite (although this is just our preference, your drinking group will likely have different thoughts).

    Our group enjoy games that can be played around the table and don’t require us to embarrass ourselves – so we’ve ranked our favourites based on this.


    1st: Bread ‘n’ butter

    Bread 'n' butter BoozeGames deck review.

    There’s no denying our favourite deck was the Bread ‘n’ butter cards. These include a long list of classics, with a small twist from the team at The BoozeGames.

    The closest drinking game I can compare this to is Kings Cup with games such as waterfall and twists on games like never have I ever.

    If you’re looking for some quick and easy games, you could easily enjoy this deck solo, or even use it as part of a Kings Cup game.


    2nd: The law

    The law BoozeGames deck review.

    Our group love creating rules with hard penalties if they’re broken and The law deck provides the perfect opportunity to change up the game.

    Our favourite part of this deck is that it provides some unique and interesting rules we’ve never thought of before, while also including a few cards that let you create any rule you wish.

    For those who really enjoy including rules, flip over one rule per person before commencing the game to speed up the drinking session.


    3rd: Body mind and spirit

    Body mind spirit BoozeGames deck review.

    Next on the list is the Body mind and spirit deck. This deck included a range of mental and physical challenges which add some unique twists to the game.

    One of which is that a player must squat and play above the kitchen sink (if possible) – now that’s something new!


    4th: Arts school

    Arts school BoozeGames deck review.

    The ‘Arts school’ deck has three types of cards (describe, mime and draw) each with slightly different games.

    For this deck, you will be given an object or action for other players to guess, but will only be able to provide guesses by mining, describing or drawing. Similar to games like Pictionary and Charades, our drinking group had a lot of fun with these cards and the unique options they give.

    However, be warned that this can generate some less than satisfied teammates!


    5th: F*cked up friends

    Fked up friends BoozeGames deck review.

    Want to learn just how odd your friends really are?

    We all know the game Would you rather, but the team at The BoozeGames really pulled out some unique options for this deck – most of which I don’t think I should speak about in this BoozeGames review. Our group had a lot of laughs mixed with strange looks when playing this game.

    And to answer the questions – surely “All Star” by Smash Mouth.


    6th: Cooked trivia

    Cooked trivia BoozeGames deck review.

    Wow oh wow are there some very unique questions in this deck!

    The cooked trivia deck included a long list of multi-choice or guess the nearest number questions that it’s very unlikely your drinking group would have heard before. A similar game this reminded us of is ‘Smart Ass’.

    The only reason this received 6th position in our rankings (similar to other trivia games) is that once you’ve played the deck a few times, players start to remember the answers and have the advantage in future games.


    7th: You won’t do it

    You won't do it BoozeGames deck review.

    Look, we completely get that most people would review The BoozeGames ‘You won’t do it’ deck as their favourite because there are some absolutely crazy challenges in there, however, some are just above our paygrade here at Beer Is OK!

    There is a range of quite relaxed and fun challenges like the image above, but many really test your patience or confidence.

    The team at The BoozeGames definitely named this deck correctly.


    8th: BoozeGames got talent

    BoozeGames got talent deck review.

    I’ll be honest, no one here at Beer Is OK is a natural singer or dancer, and this deck confirmed that fact.

    This deck included either karaoke (including some duets) or dances that the cardholder must perform, followed by ratings from other players. After a consistent score of 1-5/10 from all judges, our team decided to retire this deck.

    For those who love music and dance, this deck will quickly become one of your favourites.


    Final thoughts on The BoozeGames review

    We had an absolute blast playing this game.

    It does take a bit of time to learn each of the game types, so expect some learning and time for setting up the first time you play. However, The BoozeGames crew even created QR codes that quickly explain the rules for each of the decks should you prefer video.

    The game can be quickly modified to suit your drinking group and the types of games you prefer.

    If you’re not looking to play 90+ minutes, just pull out a random deck and play it between games during your drinking session.

    If you want to learn more about The BoozeGames and the team behind it, check out their about page.

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