Beer Snorkel Review: Slam Down Beers in a Unique Way

Beer Snorkel Review: Slam Down Beers in a Unique Way

Looking for a new way to enjoy a few beers on the weekend? Check out one of the latest beer accessories on the market, the mighty Beer Snorkel.

This small tool makes downing a full beer easy, with an aluminium straw allowing air to flow through the beer as you gulp it down. While it’s no surprise that straws can help you finish a beer quicker, this tool takes it to the next level and makes it easier than ever before.

The Beer Snorkel’s compact and durable design also makes it the perfect travel companion when planning a camping trip out bush. Consider adding it as a drinking penalty to some of your favourite drinking games while camping.

Check out our Beer Snorkel review below.


Move Over Beer Funnels

If you enjoy a few beers on the weekend, like us, you likely have a hate/love relationship with beer funnels – starting with hate. While you love downing a few beers, the iconic funnel can often get a bit too much as friends pile it up with beer after beer.

While beer funnels have had their time to shine, the new unique Beer Snorkel will make downing a few beers during a big night out easy.

One of the biggest issues with beer funnels, especially in today’s climate, is keeping it hygienic between different party-goers. Lugging a large funnel back to the sink to rinse and refill can quickly become a pain. Luckily, the slim and compact beer funnel design makes cleaning between beers easy, made from durable plastic that can be rinsed quickly under the kitchen tap.


What Makes The Beer Snorkel Unique

Look, nothing is stopping you from grabbing a beer and chugging it down. But nothing beats showing off by downing a beer within a few seconds – something the beer snorkel will help you do with ease.

The beer snorkel is designed to allow air to enter your beer as you drink, allowing the beer to flow out of the bottle or can quickly. With the help of a beer snorkel, you can down a beer within two to three seconds – or longer if you wish to take your time.

On top of this, for the more enthusiastic beer drinkers, the Beer Snorkel’s unique modular design allows you to add connectors so you can funnel down two to four beers in one big flip of the bottles, which is no mean feat.


Final Beer Snorkel Review

The Beer Is OK team could not help ourselves when we saw the Beer Snorkel design, we had to have it. After trying out both the beer bottle and beer can snorkel, we were stoked with the overall design and functionality.

The Beer Snorkel makes it super easy to down a beer in a matter of seconds. It’s definitely a helpful addition to any big weekend drinking session and can be incorporated into nearly any drinking game as a heavy penalty.


Get Your Own Beer Snorkel

Want to own your own Beer Snorkel?

Beer Snorkel’s are available online for delivery Australia-wide direct through the Beer Snorkel website. The team behind the design also sell a range of other products, including beer funnels and drinking accessories.

Purchase A Beer Snorkel »


Disclaimer: Beer Is OK received no payment to write this article. We simply loved the design and had to share with other local beer enthusiasts.

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