4 Plus drinking game

4 Plus drinking card game.
  • Game Type: Card

  • Drinking Intensity: Moderate

  • Game Difficulty: Easy

  • Players: 4, 5, 6, 7, 8+

  • Required: 1 Deck (With Jokers)

4 Plus is a very easy card game to play, and can result in huge drinking numbers. The game suits anywhere from 4 to 10+ players, with the number of cards matching the number of players, multiplied by 4.


How to play 4 Plus


Step 1:

Set cards face down in the centre of the table based on the number of players (4 x # players). Then flip over the top card from the remaining deck beside the face down cards.

Eg. for 6 players, you would deal a rectangle that is 4 wide, 6 long (24 total cards).


Step 2:

Take turns, clockwise of the dealer, guessing higher or lower than the previous card flipped. The first player guesses based on the first card flipped by the dealer. After guessing higher or lower, select a card from the grid and flip it over. If you are correct, add the difference to a tally.

Eg. If you say higher than a 2 and the card flipped is a 7, add 5 sips to the tally.

The game continues until someone guessing wrong, in which case they drink all sips in the tally. Ace is lowest (with the value of 1), King is the highest (with the value of 10). The sip tally is capped at 30 sips (equivalent of one full beverage).


Step 3:

After a player guesses wrong, they must sip what’s in the tally and the game continues with the person to the left guessing higher or lower than the last card flipped. This continues until all cards in the grid have been flipped.

If the game did not end with someone losing, the guessing continues with cards from the deck until someone makes a wrong guess. When someone loses after guessing from the deck, the game is over.

Drinking game by Alex Hamilton

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