Reverse Pyramid drinking game

Reverse Pyramid drinking game.
  • Game Type: Card

  • Drinking Intensity: Moderate

  • Game Difficulty: Easy

  • Players: 2, 3, 4

  • Required: 1 Deck (with jokers)

A unique spin on the traditional Pyramid drinking game. For this drinking game, each player has their own set of face-up cards which form a pyramid and must drink when they match with a card in the middle. The number of drinks required depends on where the card is in the triangle, from one to four sips.

Additionally, this game’s difficulty can be adjusted by adding additional or reducing the number of rows in each player’s pyramid, or the number of cards in the middle.


Step 1: Setting up Reverse Pyramid

Deal out 10 cards face down to each player (or 6 for a more relaxed game). All players then arrange the cards in front of them from top to bottom in a pyramid.

Eg. one card, two cards, three cards, four cards.

The dealer then flips 4 cards face up in the middle of the field (replace any jokers with new cards). To increase the number of drinks, add additional cards to the middle.


Step 2: It’s time to play

All players flip the top card of their pyramid at the same time.

If a player has a card that matches any of the middle cards, drink 1. If there are multiple cards in the middle that match the player’s card, the player needs to drink 1 x the number of times that card appears in the middle.

Eg. if a player flips a king, and the table has two kings, that player drinks 2.

Play continues down the pyramid, row 2 is 2 drinks per card, row 3 is 3 drinks per card, and row 4 is 4 drinks per card. Remember that if you flip a card when there are multiple that match in the middle, you need to drink your row number x the number of times that card appears in the middle.

Eg. if a player flips a jack on row 3, and the table has two jacks, that player drinks 6.

If a joker is flipped in a player’s pyramid, that player then nominates the number of drinks that corresponds with the row the joker is in.

Common questions

We occasionally get asked some questions about Reverse Pyramid. To help you push ahead with the game, find some of the common questions with answers below.

Drinking game by Alex Hamilton

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