Beers For Life drinking game

Beer For Life drinking game.
  • Game Type: Action

  • Drinking Intensity: High

  • Game Difficulty: Easy

  • Players: 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8+

  • Required: No equipment required

Ready to join the life-long drinking game club?

Beers For Life is an easy yet daunting drinking game that can be played at any place, at any time. Players must opt in to Beers For Life and once they have, the game is for life – any place, any time, you can be called and call other players out for breaking the rules.


How to play Beers For Life

Beers for life is a very simple and easy to learn drinking game.

At all times, you must keep a ‘mark’ of some sort on your beverage. If you do not have a mark, and someone yells “Beers For Life” at you, you must finish your drink – plain and simple. If you do have a mark and can quickly identify it, the person who called “Beers For Life” must finish their drink.


Step 1: Mark your drink

A mark can be almost anything you can imagine, however, it must be a noticeable change that you have made to your beverage. While it does not need to be visible to other players (such as a mark on the bottom of your can or pint), it does need to be a mark you have made and can quickly identify if called.

Some of the most common include:

  • Rip and stick a piece of beer coaster to the side of your pint glass
  • Leave a lipstick mark on the rim of your glass, bottle or can
  • Rotate the pull-tab on your can of beer
  • Put a small dent into the side of your can
  • Grab a leaf or stick and drop it into your beer

*Note: For this game, our group have decided that stubby holders/can coolers do not count as a mark.


Step 2: Calling a player out

So you’ve noticed that one of your friends who has opted in to Beers For Life does not have a mark on their drink. It’s time to call them out and make them finish their beverage of choice.

Look at them and shout, “Beers For Life”. From here, the following should happen:

  1. They accept that you’ve called them out and finish their drink;
  2. They quickly identify their mark and you must finish your drink.


Final rules

Finally, we’re going to list a few important rules to keep in mind when playing Beers For Life with friends.

  1. The person who has received the Beers For Life call must have had at least one sip of their beverage. This prevents players from trying to quickly call it when a new beer is opened or pint is poured.
  2. Again, users must opt into Beers For Life to be called, or call out other players. When opting in, other players must explain the game to the new player(s) in full.
  3. You must not interfere with other players marks, nor can you convince people who are not playing to interfere with a players mark.
  4. You may have more than one mark on your beverage as a fail-safe in case one mark falls off.
  5. If your mark is removed from your drink without other player interference, and a player calls “Beers For Life”, you must still finish your drink.

Drinking game by Alex Hamilton

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