Centurion (100 Club)

Centurion (100 Club)

Test your drinking capabilities solo or with friends by taking the Centurion (100 Club) drinking game challenge. This game involves drinking 100 shots of beer in 100 minutes, throwing back 1 shot every minute.

Drinking Intensity: Extreme

Quick Info

Game Type: Table

Players: 1-8+

Required: 1 Shot Glass

Difficulty: Easy

How To Play

Step 1:

To set up the Centurion drinking game all you need is a 30ml shot glass and 3 litres of your favourite beer. This works out to be just over 9 bottles (at 330ml), or exactly 8 cans (at 375ml). Set up near a fridge or esky full of beers as you’ll be cracking open a fresh beer ever 11-12 minutes. This game can be played solo or with a group of friends.


Step 2:

Set up a timer reminding you to drink a shot of beer every minute. It’s usually easiest to pick a particular start time so you don’t forget what time you can finish (eg. start at 6:01pm, and end at 7:40pm – 100 minutes). Then, it’s as easy as pouring a shot every minute and drinking it. If you have to stop playing the game for a few minutes, such as going to the toilet or checking on the BBQ, count up the shots/minutes to have when you return.


While this game may sound quite relaxed, it gets much harder as time goes on. While minutes feel quite slow at the start, after 30-50, you’ll feel like time is flying.

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