Pyramid drinking game

pyramid drinking game og
  • Game Type: Card

  • Drinking Intensity: Moderate

  • Game Difficulty: Medium

  • Players: 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8+

  • Required: 1 Deck (With Jokers)

The Pyramid drinking game increases drinking penalties as time goes on. The game involves tricking other players so they believe you have cards that you do not – causing them to drink. Find out how to play below.


How to play Pyramid


Step 1:

pyramid drinking game feature

Firstly, remove the two jokers from the deck and deal each player 4 cards. Then, deal a pyramid face down in the middle of the table, starting with a single card and ending with five cards wide (a total of 15 cards). You can deal additional levels if you wish to increase the drinking quantity.


Step 2:

Each player looks at their 4 cards and places the cards face-down in a line in front of them. Players must remember the numbers on the cards and where they are placed as you will not be permitted to check during the game.


Step 3:

Each layer of the pyramid increases the drink penalty number, starting at one sip down to five sips.

The dealer takes their time flipping through the pyramid working left-to-right, only proceeding to the next level once the final card is flipped in the current level. As each card flips, the dealer asks if anyone would like to challenge another player.


Challenging a player:

Once the pyramid card has been flipped, you can challenge another player to that number, eg. “I challenge Sam to a five”. You only challenge verbally and do not flip a card. Although you are not required to have the number to challenge, you can leave yourself open to high-drinking penalties if you’re lying.


Being Challenged:

If you have been challenged, you have three options:

  • Show Number(s) Matching The Pyramid Number: If you have a number or multiple of the same number matching the card flipped in the pyramid, you can flip it/them and make the challenger sip the drink penalty. The sipping number is doubled if you have two of that number, or tripled if you have three.
  • Accept The Drinking Penalty: If you believe the challenger has the card, you can simply sip the penalty from your beer and the game continues.
  • Challenge Back: If you believe the player is lying, you can challenge them back. This instantly doubles the penalty. If the original challenger does have the card and reveals it, you drink the doubled penalty. If they lied and do not have the matching card, they drink the penalty. Again, the sipping number is doubled if they have two of that number, or tripled if they have three.



  • If at any time you reveal a card and it does not match the flipped pyramid card, you must have double the drink penalty.
  • After your cards are flipped, they are immediately turned back face-down and can be used in future rounds.
  • After challenging or being challenged, you can not challenge or be challenged again until the next round (once the next pyramid card is flipped).


The game continues until all cards in the pyramid has been flipped, and challenges on the final card have been completed.


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Drinking game by Alex Hamilton

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