7 Fun camp drinking games while camping around a fire

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    Summer in Australia is the perfect time to go camping with your mates. At the end of the day, with no TV or other entertainment, you can be sure everyone is going to want a drink. To keep everyone from getting bored, spice things up with some fun camping drinking games.

    Of course, whilst camping, you won’t have access to tables and other necessary items for playing traditional drinking games like beer pong and slap cup, so you’ll need to get a bit creative. Here are some of the best camping drinking games to keep everyone laughing and having a good time around the fire.


    1. Drink, drink, shot

    This game is a fun spin on the childhood classic, duck, duck, goose.

    With everyone seated around the fire, one player walks around the circle tapping players in turn to take a drink. They then select a player for a shot. The person selected must chase the other around the circle back to the empty chair. If they catch them, the player caught must take the shot. If not, the chaser must drink it.


    2. Never have I ever

    This is a great drinking game to help you find out some interesting facts about your mates.

    The first player must say something that they have never done. Anyone who has must drink. If no one has done it, everyone drinks!

    Play for a set number of rounds or as long as you like. Beer is best for this game, as you’ll likely be drinking a lot, especially if you have had a busy, exciting life.


    3. Two truths and a lie

    One player makes three statements, two of them true and one false. The other players must guess which one is the lie. Anyone who guesses wrong has to drink.


    4. The alphabet game

    First, pick a category, like Australian cities.

    The first player names a city starting with A, like Adelaide. The next player must add to the list with the next letter: Adelaide, Brisbane, followed by Adelaide, Brisbane, Canberra. The first player who forgets an item on the list or can’t come up with the next one has to take a shot and is out.

    Keep playing with a new category each round until only one player remains as the champion.


    5. Dizzy race

    Two players must race to a specified point and back after spinning in a circle 10 times. Loser has to drink, and winner plays again in the next race, getting dizzier each time.

    Last player standing wins!


    6. Camping words

    Come up with a list of common camping-related words you and your mates are likely to say frequently throughout the night, like fire, tent, bush, stars and beer, for example. Any time someone says one of the forbidden words, they must drink. Feel free to add more words to the list as the night goes on to make things even more challenging.


    7. Medusa

    Everyone starts with their heads down and counts to three. They must then each look directly at another player. Anyone who is looking at someone who is looking at someone else is safe for the round. Any players looking directly at each other must yell “Medusa” and drink.

    To make things a bit livelier, the players must race to each other’s seats, with the loser drinking double.


    Drinking games for other occasions

    Of course, you can play any of these games back home as well.

    While you’re here, if you’re looking for some custom products to make transporting your beer on your next camping trip a breeze, we recommend checking out our friends over at Carnaby Canvas. Their range of custom canvas products are perfect for 4WD and offroad enthusiests, such as their Canvas Fridge Bag which can hole two beers in stubbies – made right here in WA!

    For even more drinking games, camping-related and otherwise, read on with Beer Is OK. We’ve got heaps of fun drinking games on our blog to keep you and your mates entertained, whatever the occasion.

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