Top 5 West Australian craft beer and burger matchings

Craft beer and burger matchings.
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    We’re always on the lookout for awesome local craft beer and burger matchings.

    Being Perth locals, we’ve had our fair share of amazing burgers enjoyed with a freshly poured glass of local beer. Even when alcohol is not served, nothing beats grabbing a burger takeaway and cracking a tinnie of your favourite when you arrive home.

    Although these craft beer and burger matchings depend on a person’s taste, we thought we’d highlight some of our favourites.

    In the list below, we mention some local beers and burger joints based on previous experiences. Yes, there will be some of your favourites missing from the list – but here’s an example showcasing some of our favourites to try.


    Chicken burger and lager

    Burger of choice: Chicken Royal from RoyAl’s Chicken & Burgers

    Craft beer of choice: Social Helles Lager from Otherside Brewing

    This has to be one of our favourite burgers on the line-up. RoyAl’s have gone from strength to strength with their burger joints with multiple venues opening up close to Perth. One of our favourite burgers on the list is the Chicken Royal.

    A deep-fried chicken thigh, delicious sauces and bacon and cheese (if you opt for the upgrade).

    To match, we recommend sticking to a light beer, such as a lager, Kolsch, summer ale – think your favourite summer beverage. Our favourite craft beer and burger matching is the ‘Social’ lager from the local brewery, Otherside.

    Now’s the time to try this match up with the new RoyAl’s Chicken & Burgers venue opening up in Victoria Park (Nov 2020).


    Beef burger and IPA

    Burger of choice: Salad Dodger Burger from Charlies BBQ

    Craft beer of choice: Australian IPA from Colonial Brewing

    A classic Australian IPA paired with a classic smashed patty American style burger – it is a match made in heaven.

    The salad dodger from Charlies BBQ, as the name implies, is made for people who love their beef burgers, minus the salad. With no salad, the strong beef flavour shines through but can get a bit overpowering without something to cut through the flavour.

    That’s where the deliciously hoppy Colonial IPA steps in.

    Pick up a delicious Charlie’s BBQ burger, or get it delivered, and crack open a cold tin of Colonial IPA. This burger and craft beer matching is sure to please!


    Veggie burger and wheat beer

    Burger of choice: The Beyond Burger from Jus Burgers

    Craft beer of choice: Australian Wheat Beer from Whitfords Brewing Company

    Vegetarians should not feel left alone as there are multiple beer and burger matchings that will help you satisfy your appetite.

    The beyond burger from Jus Burgers is both vegetarian and vegan friendly. To match, we recommend grabbing a few bottles of wheat beer from Whitfords Brewing Company which has won multiple awards since release.

    For something a bit different, try pairing your veggie burger with a Saison, American wheat ale, or Belgian style white ale.

    Some of the common veggie burger bases are made up of mushrooms, nutty grains like quinoa and bulgur, and black beans. All of the beers mentioned above go well with all kinds of bases, and it is totally up to the personal preference what you might like the most.


    Fish burger and gose

    Burger of choice: Fish Boss Burger from Fish Boss

    Craft beer of choice: Asam Boi Gose from Beerfarm

    Gose and sour beers are a great option to cut through the naturally oily fish, especially fried fish burgers such as the Fish Boss Burger. This craft beer and burger matching is one that’s sure to excite your tastebuds.

    Alternatively, try pairing your fish burger with an American pilsner or light Mexican-style lager for a crisper taste.


    Breakfast burger and imperial stout

    Burger of choice: Bacon Egg Deluxe Brioche from Yelo

    Craft beer of choice: Big Brekkie of Champs from Blasta Brewing

    Beer for breakfast?

    Okay, it might not be everyone’s choice. However, if you’re game, we recommend grabbing a bacon egg deluxe from Yelo and pairing it with a delicious imperial coffee stout from Blasta Brewing.

    It’s a breakfast burger and craft beer matching which will start your day off the right way.

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