Cooked Aussies review: Awesome drinking game made for Aussies

Cooked Aussies Drinking Game review.
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    Looking for a new and fun drinking game? Check our our Cooked Aussies Review.

    Cooked Aussies has landed and ticks all the boxes, providing a fun and humorous drinking card game that is more Australian than your best mate Damo.

    With Australian-inspired tasks for players to complete, Australia-themed categories to list and more, Cooked Aussies is a completely unique drinking game suitable for even the most seasonal Australian drinkers.


    How to play

    The game is easy to play.

    After opening the box, separate the green and yellow cards into two piles. The oldest player is the rule master. For each round, the rule master picks a green card to play and everyone else picks a yellow card. Then, simply go around the table clockwise completing the tasks on each card.

    After playing a few rounds, we found the rule master was missing out a bit. So, we opted for a new rule card to be selected each time we made it back to the starting player. This allowed all players to select a yellow card whilst still having a new rule in place every rotation.

    The best thing about the game is that it can be played however you want to play it. We also recommend integrating it with other drinking games such as Kings Cup to give an old game a new spin.


    Drinking card types

    There are over 300 cards included in the Cooked Aussies box – yep, that’s a lot of cards!

    Within these 300+ cards, there are 4 key types of cards including rule cards, drink cards, category cards and vote cards. Each type of card is played slightly different and gives a bit of extra uniqueness to the game as a whole.

    The cards also have a different ‘sips’ number, which changes the penalties from breaking a rule or being selected/losing on a yellow card.



    cooked aussies review drinking rule card

    Rule cards are green and provide a rule that must be followed, with a # of sips penalty if you break the rule. We recommend playing with one rule in play at a time, with the last rule being replaced with a new one on each full circle of the table.

    A few favourites:

    • T-Rex – Everyone must tuck their elbows into their body. The hands are not allowed to be stretched. If the rule is broken the person must drink and then roar like a T-Rex.
    • Booze Buddy – For the next 5 rounds everyone picks a buddy to drink whenever they drink.
    • Don’t Be Selfish – Anyone who says the word ‘mine’ or ‘I’ must drink.



    cooked aussies review drinking drink card

    These cards are very straight forward. The player that selects the card reads it out and all players that have completed the action outlined on the card at one point in their lives must drink the designated sips.

    A few favourites:

    • Everyone who’s an Aussie drinks.
    • If you’ve beat someone at the lights even when they weren’t racing.
    • If you own a UE Boom.



    cooked aussies drinking categories card

    Category cards list a category. Starting with the person who drew the card then moving left, each player must name something within that category. Once a player is unable to think of something or repeats something already said, they must drink the sip penalty written on the card.

    A few favourites:

    • Betting companies.
    • Home and Away characters.
    • Things you can order at Maccas.



    cooked aussies drinking vote card

    Finally, vote cards are used to nominate other players. After picking up the card, read it aloud and then count down from 3. Once the countdown ends, all players must point to another player to nominate (vote).

    The player who has the most votes must complete the action and/or drink the number of sips indicated.

    A few favourites:

    • The player most likely to flip someone the bird when they’re driving.
    • Pick a player to sing the ‘Cottee’s Cordial’ jingle.
    • Pick a player to scull as you all sing: “Here’s to Daryl He’s True Blue…”.


    Overall Cooked Aussies review

    cooked aussies facebook

    Look, you can’t go past a drinking game that is made for Aussies.

    All the rules and the drinking cards are topical and very Australian. Even the way the cards are written are true Australian slang and sure to give you a good laugh (and a sore head in the morning).

    Overall, we absolutely loved playing this game and would definitely recommend everyone gives it a try.

    We’ll be playing this game for months and years to come and look forward to integrating it with a few other drinking game classics.


    How to order your own game

    Cooked Aussies is available to buy direct from the Cooked Aussies website. Select from the Card Game on its own, the ‘Smarter Milk’ expansion pack, or go all out with their combo pack option.

    Delivery is free and available Australia-wide through Australia Post. It usually takes around 5 business days to arrive, but this will depend on your location.

    Go on, give it a whirl – It’d be unaustralian not to!

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