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Beer Is OK Crawls Melbourne Pubs & Breweries

The team at Beer Is OK travelled over to Melbourne, Victoria to try out some local breweries and beer venues. Follow along with our Melbourne trip.

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That Homebrew Taste: From Visiting Breweries to Brewing Your Own

Ethan O’Neill: Want to save money while still enjoying delicious craft beer. Well, it’s time you start home brewing, the easiest & best tasting hobbies.

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Benefits of Beer: Why All Australians Should Drink More

It goes without saying that Aussies love their beer, but did you know that drinking moderate amounts of beer can actually be good for you? Find out how.

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Best Beer Batter Recipe: How to Craft Up the Best Batter

Great beers are good for more than just drinking; you can also use your favourite brew to concoct a delicious beer batter for your next fry-up.

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7 Reasons to Drink Beer During the Week

We think beer is so great it should be enjoyed every day of the week, not just on weekends and we’ve found the facts to prove it.